Batch render server + dropbox + iPhone = cool stuff!

Quite buzzed by this. I kicked off my benchmarking app before leaving for the rugby tonight. Had it rendering its images to a Dropbox folder. Got to the stadium, used iPhone Dropbox app to check how things were progressing, & saw all my lovely images as they appeared. Right there in my hand! Looking good.
Bonus feature was I could look at the results Excel file too.

Well, I think it’s rather neat.

An extension to this could be for the app on the server to watch for a command file, & I could kick off and control renders remotely just by editing the file on my phone. I feel a Python programming moment coming…

But now, back to Tigers vs Quins rugby match. Kick off soon…

Long Eaton Round Table’s webstats jump in run up to Bonfire night

Less than 24 hours to go before Long Eaton Round Table’s annual charity bonfire night, and the website is going crazy as people search for fireworks events to go to in the area. From a total of around 200 unique visits for the whole of last week, today saw nearly 250 unique visitors!!





The hits are a mix of search engine links and direct ones, which could also be a reflection of our extensive publicity campaign – leaflets, posters, press releases etc, in the last couple of weeks.


Here’s hoping all this interest translates to record numbers at the event. For more details goto:

Long Eaton Round Table: