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This blog is really just an easy way for me to maintain a loosely structured website that contains snippets of information on a variety of topics – see the blog categories for which ones.

If you have anything to say or comment upon, then please feel free to post away. You may need to create an account to do so as making it an open site seems to attract hundreds of automated spam-bots that just post all kinds of unsolicited rubbish.

A little bit about me….

Professionally I have been deeply involved in various aspects of computer graphics for over 20 years now. This experience ranges from CAD areas like solid modelling, drivers for graphics cards, to applications for real time interactive 3D such as simulations and video games. Up until 2012 I work for a company making photorealistic rendering toolkits for use in other applications. I have always had a passion for computer generated imagery (CGI), photography, and also geo-location applications – basically, if it involves a pixel or a map then I probably have an interest in it.

When I started work PC’s had barely been invented. Ray-tracing was a revolutionary new technique, and all CGI images involved shiny spheres or teapots. Quite scarily this was not that many years ago (honest – I’m not that old), and CGI has advanced incredibly driven by feature films and computer games. There are so many fantastic applications out which are all, at their core, simply pushing pixels to the screen in ever more exciting and creative ways.

In 2012 I moved to New Zealand which resulted in a shift in career path to software project management, and worked on a multi-million dollar project for the New Zealand government developing a system to create advanced identity processing technology. This system uses biometric technology for facial recognition and fingerprint identification. In addition to providing plenty of technical challenges in a wide variety of areas, I also satisfy my inner-geek by dabbling in a bit of iOS and Android programming.

I have a keen interest in digital photography. See the various links on the sidebars to look at some of my efforts, or better yet jump straight to my Flickr Photostream.

Me and my first digital, and a bit of image warping.

Me, my first digital, and a bit of image warping. And hair that is now long gone…

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