Do Blogs Rust?

OK, I admit it, I write here in fits and starts. I have a lot to say, but it’s been nearly five years since my previous post. If blogs don’t rust, perhaps the authors do.

But, you know, life….

Rusting Away
Feeling rusty (click for original)

A lot has been happening professionally and personally. I had a great time at my first New Zealand employer especially in the latter stages working with the Friday innovation group, playing with all things VR, AR, and anything else that took our fancy. I really should write about the idea I developed and prototyped for an immersive crowd participation experience aimed at the Wellington Lux festival. That was a lot of fun! Brought back memories of my previous life working in computer graphics software development.

I continue to do a lot of photography. Take a peek at my Flickr site for the sort of things I shoot – which is pretty much anything. Link here.

As part of growing my photography I joined the Photographic Society of New Zealand (PSNZ), and my local club the Kapiti Coast Photographic Society where for my sins I ended up President for a couple of years. I also maintain the IT systems to help run the club, and recently have taken on a role to help out with PSNZ’s back end IT.

Let’s see how rusty this post gets.

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