London Eye via 100 Cameras app – An experiment




This is just a quick experimental picture using the 100 Cameras in 1 iPhone app, which I just put on my iPhone after learning about its integration with Instagram via the Mostly Photo podcast on the TWiT network. The photo was just picked straight off my camera roll of my iPhone 4 from last week’s trip to London – nothing special, no hipod or anything, but something to provide a bit of scope for manipulating with the 100 Cameras app.

Instagram is great, and my preferred route for posting quick & quirky photos on the web. But I had grown a bit frustrated with the basic editing and effects provided by it – very limited. So I had resorted to shooting with another great little app called Camera+, messing about in there, saving to camera roll, then loading up Instagram, fetching from the camera roll, and posting. A bit of a faff, complicated also by the different aspect ratio images expected by both apps.

But now with 100 Cameras integrated into Instagram, it is made much easier. I’ll play around with the effects for a few weeks, so expect to see more wierd photos…

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