All your bank accounts are belong to us!

I recently read that thousands of people are downloading the LOIC software to help attack anti-Wikileaks websites. This program sits on your PC and takes part in DDOS attacks against various websites, and which can be controlled from an outside server.

Regardless of your personal views on Wikileaks, you have to wonder at the sheer idiocy of people who would download a program from an anonymous group of hackers that sits on your own personal computer simply to join in someone else’s quasi-political agenda. Surely words like “hacker” and “anonymous” being linked with the source of this program would set your alarm bells ringing, regardless of your outrage at the wikileaks witch hunt?

Really folks, don’t be too surprised if next time you access your bank account online, you find you are a tad poorer than you thought you were. Or it looks like you’ve posted something really embarrassing on Facebook…

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