Blog title change

I’ve changed the title from the rather inane “Greg’s Techie Stuff” to the snappier “Bytes & Pixels”. No particular reason, other than it is better than “Bits and Pieces”, and I have a rubbish imagination for things like titles. Any suggestions welcome – not that anyone actually reads this site…

It also reflects what I want to concentrate my writing on – computing, digital imaging, and computer graphics.

I also aim to find a snazzier template, rather than the default WordPress one. Not that there’s anything wrong with it – just that for a site talking about imagery there is a remarkable lack of any pictures here! Of course, you could always click on the Gallery link on one of the widgets at the side of the page.

Update 19th July – Changed to “Feather” theme for a while. Looks quite nice, but the heading styles don’t go deep enough for me so I’ll probably change again soon.
Update 5th April – Or not!

Another Update – Inspired by Parny, blog name changed to “Pushing Pixels”. Thanks Steve!

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